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The Firs


The Firs

Fishmonger Rosebank offers a dining experience extraordinaire… Mediterranean ambience, superb service and most importantly, top quality fish dishes prepared with uncompromised care.
The restaurant is able to cater for every occasion - intimate occasions as well as larger gatherings. The cuisine is Mediterranean-inspired, drawing inspiration from the time-tested traditional preparations of the Aegean, but incorporating a dash of flair by incorporating more contemporary interpretations of fish preparation.

Offering an awe-inspiring variety of fresh oysters to a mouth-watering selection of fish dishes - Fishmonger guarantees the taste of the sea in every meal. For those tempted to try a little bit of everything, Fishmonger offers a piled-high platter of sea delicacies to delight and master chefs will prepare fresh sushi on site. Join us for a traditional Mediterranean-style lunch in the company of friends and family in the piazza while the sun glances off the water of the water fountain... let your taste buds take you there!

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The Firs
Tel No: (011) 447 2320 | Shop No: 17

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