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Erich Fischer Furriers

The Firs

From the classical coat to the casual elegance of a modern gile, Erich Fischer Furs offers every woman the opportunity of discovering her fur and leather item of choice. Each fur is designed and crafted to perfection, and professional advice is always on hand to ensure that the garment of choice retains its value for generations to come. A family heirloom can be re-crafted to incorporate the desires of its new owner as Erich Fischer, manufacturing furrier, has worked and designed for some of Europe’s most respected fashion houses and has been designing, manufacturing and re-designing fur coats and leather garments for the South African market for over 50 years.

Assisted by a team of continentally trained and highly qualified craftsmen, Erich Fischer’s Origin Assured garments are, in every aspect, of the highest quality - ensuring the wearer a lifetime of luxurious pleasure. “A man does not buy his wife a fur coat to keep her warm, but to keep her pleasant!” - Seymour Hicks

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