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Clive Rundle

The Firs

Clive Rundle, award-winning South African Designer, showcases his spectacular creations with flair at his flagship shop, where customers are able to ensconce themselves in the magical creations of this master of design. Clive’s seasonal collections, having made their debut on the International and National catwalks, arrive to grace the shop window where they draw even more acclaim as ready-towear garments.

Fashion as a second skin is a core design concept of Clive Rundle in his approach to ready-to-wear. A Clive Rundle garment is not only an ultimate statement of taste and style, but also a intensely sensuous experience; one is stroked and kissed with exotic fabrics and garments of extraordinary beauty. The Clive Rundle woman is modern, chic, elegant confident and comfortable in her second skin. Her beauty is not only skin deep. Experience the magic of a Clive Rundle creation.

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